Wonderful Wednesdays

Wonderful Wednesdays begin January 5, 2022.  Many thanks to everyone who has already signed up for adult classes!


Please Click here to view our schedule for adult classes this fall: WW adult classes. Adult classes meet from 6:00-7:00 in the Upper Room classrooms.  For the time being, however, all adult classes are meeting online to reduce the spread of the Omicron variant of Covid-19. For a Zoom link, please email the church office (info@saintmarkumc.org).


Children’s programming begins with open gym play at 5:30 pm in the Gym. Classes begin at 6:00 pm.

The following is the Children’s Schedule* for Wonderful Wednesdays:

Preschool (3K)
5:30 Gather in Gym
6:00 Music Time in Room 109
6:20 Bible Story and Crafts
6:50 Playtime
7:15 Pick-Up in 109

Preschool (4K– 5K)
5:30 Gather in Gym
6:00 Choir in Room 113
6:20 Bible Story
6:55 Playtime
7:15 Pick-Up in 109

1st – 3rd Grades & Quest 
5:30 Gather in Gym
6:00 Choir
1st-3rd grades in Room 110
4th-6th grades in Choir Room
6:30 Worship Arts
6:55 Mission
7:15 Pick-Up in 108 for Quest;
         1st-3rd in 110

*Schedule subject to change


During Wednesday Night Middle School Ministry wen will continue to use Uncommon Junior High Studies. This is one of my favorite and most impressive youth ministry curriculums that I have come across.  Uncommon offers excellent Biblical teaching and an understanding of the issues in many areas where many middle schoolers will struggle.  They also offer a wide range of teaching options that helps reiterate our lesson through many different fun and intriguing teaching mediums. 

As many of our students transition into their new schools, we think that it would be a good time to use Uncommon’s curriculum over “Dealing with Pressure and Change”. Life is crazy in junior high or middle school—pressures of physical and emotional changes, teachers, friendships and “fitting in” adon’t seem to ever let up. Part of the Uncommon Junior High Group Study series, Dealing with Pressure and Change gives you what you need to guide kids to walk through stressful situations and remain connected to God through ups and downs.
Middle School Ministry Schedule:
6:00-6:30:             Free time in student center for 7th, 8th, and 6th                                              graders not involved in Children’s Choir.
                             Kid’s Choir meets in Choir Room.

6:30-7:15:            6th graders arrive from choir and lesson begins

7:15:                    Pickup Middle Schoolers at the Student Center