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The Covid-19 Delta Variant is spreading quickly throughout the state, and especially so in Jefferson County. This variant is more contagious than prior strains, and it is capable of delivering a high viral load in a short period of time. Public health officials are advising that measures be taken to limit transmission. We as a church want to respond with care and wisdom in order to do no harm to ourselves and to others.

MASKING: We will wear masks when we gather in the building. 

CHILDREN: It is recommended that all kids (age 3 and up) wear masks while indoors.

SYMPTOMS: If you are experiencing Covid-related symptoms, refrain from attending church.

EATING & DRINKING INSIDE: For the time being, please refrain from eating and drinking inside the church.

SUNDAY SCHOOL: If you have Sunday School classroom needs, please reach out to Ashley Kirby . For tech support regarding Zoom, please reach out to Ryan Karr.

EARLY LEARNING CENTER: All ELC teachers and administrators have been vaccinated and will be wearing masks until further notice. All kids in the ELC (age 3 and up) are encouraged to wear masks.

OFFICE: The church office will remain open. When you enter the building, please wear a mask.

WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY: Wonderful Wednesdays are set to begin September 8, and the Re-Entry Team will watch the trends of Covid-19 until that day arrives. Please stay tuned for more information.

The Re-Entry team has consistently advocated a cautious approach for the sake of life. The health and vitality of our people is of utmost importance. Thank you for your willingness to do your part.


The Saint Mark Re-Entry Team

If you have questions, please email to connect with the Re-Entry Team.