Love Lives Here!


The Saint Mark Re-Entry Team has been working to find the delicate balance of public safety and practicality.  From the beginning of the pandemic, the team has intentionally erred on the side of safety. The intention is to preserve life and honor the health of one another.
Our highly politicized world has made mask-wearing a battle ground and vaccinations can easily be the frontlines for judgment.  At Saint Mark, Lord help us rise above such skirmishes!  We aim to assume the best of intentions are behind the actions of others. 

MASKING: Masks are recommended by the Re-Entry Team based upon CDC guidance. However, given the decline of Covid cases in our area, masks are now optional for vaccinated people. Please remain masked if you are unvaccinated.

CHILDREN: It is recommended that all unvaccinated kids (age 3 and up) wear masks while indoors. All volunteers working with children and youth should wear masks for an added layer of protection, regardless of vaccination status.

SYMPTOMS: If you are experiencing Covid-related symptoms, please refrain from attending church.

EATING & DRINKING INSIDE: Eating and drinking indoors is now allowed.

ELC:  The Early Learning Center staff will maintain mask requirements, as they are in close proximity with children who have not had the opportunity to be vaccinated.